Quarter Tone Fingerings

More and more contemporary saxophone music has begun to explore the notes between the notes. Quarter tones, or microtones, are found extensively in the compositions of spectral composers, however many modern composers employ the technique.

If you would like to explore these new sounds check out my Quartet Tone Fingering Chart

Check out Philippe Leroux's duet for soprano saxophone and voice. This beautiful spectral piece relies entirely on microtones.



Saxophone Pitch Tendencies

Having a clear understanding of the natural pitch tendencies ones instrument is essential to the growth of developing saxophonists. The following is a link to a Saxophone Pitch Tendencies Test. This chart can be used to map the tendencies of ones saxophone and to examine the role temperature plays in these tendencies. It's best to perform this test after a full warmup. 


This is only a small part of a developing project, stay tuned!



Practice Tracks

Practice tracks are a great way to get acquainted with the other side of your duo and make rehearsals much more efficient. Here are a few practice tracks I have created over the years. I will continue to update this as I create new tracks.   


William Albright - Sonata for Saxophone and Piano, Mvt. IV


Dorthy Chang - Two Preludes, Mvt. II